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Whiskey Pioneers DAO

Two successful American whiskey entrepreneurs have joined together to launch Whiskey Pioneers DAO. The mission is straightforward: the DAO holds 500 barrels of 4-year old whiskey and is executing a buy-hold-sell strategy anticipated to last approximately four years. In addition to co-investing alongside successful whiskey entrepreneurs, investors will gain access to the insights and experiences of the sponsoring curators through periodic newsletters and virtual events. Whiskey Pioneers is an opportunity for people to come together and build a new community, while also learning about the spirits industry, participating in the exclusive world of whiskey investing, and discovering the burgeoning world of DAOs. Whiskey Pioneers will also have first dibs on upcoming, related DAOs.

Members of the DAO will vote on the management of the barrels, including when to buy, hold, or sell; and build a group-optimized strategy with expert support, insight, and aligned incentives.

Categories: DAOs, Hobbies, Investment, Alternative Assets

Accepting new members? yes

Is the DAO live? yes

Telegram: https://t.me/phuture_group
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mintydao
Discord: https://discord.gg/S2c4wZd72f

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