Minority Programmers

Minority Programmers Association is one of the fastest-growing blockchain learning groups. A decentralized & diverse network of developers around building dApps all the while empowering each other deeper into the tech industry, MPA has been referred to as the Diversity Dev Guild. With a mission to empower marginalized communities, on the streets Minority Programmers have […]

Digital Land DAO

Our mission is to create the first-ever collectively governed virtual land ownership fund as we build this DAO from the ground up! Founded by real-world real estate investors, we will build a diverse portfolio of metaverse properties and build value for all! Categories: DAOs, DeFi, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Metaverse, NFTs, VC/Capital, Voting Accepting new members? yes […]

Kargain World

Kargain World is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to be a fully integrated ecosystem of private buyers and sellers, vehicle workshops and professional dealers. It is built on blockchain technology and controlled by its users collectively. Its governance mechanism is based on a digital token called $KARG that allows its holders to participate […]