ORiON is the first decentralized cyber intelligence operator community and platform. As part of the Community, you own your data, receive rewards for and guide the Platform’s future. Community Members can submit and analyze malicious content, report suspicious websites, inspect Smart Contracts, and receive rewards for their contributions. Twitter:  https://twitter.com/oriondao Discord: https://discord.gg/orionsecurity


Our purpose is to collaboratively create high-quality content for YouTube & similar platforms. TuberDAO members benefit from a directly proportional share in all associated rewards of all channels launched by TuberDAO. Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaoTuber Discord: https://discord.gg/F7jYCjbxGn Telegram: https://t.co/chl4XDMH5u

Red Rock DAO

RED ROCK DAO LLC Red Rock DAO is organized as a Wyoming DAO limited liability company. Our Community unlocks the potential of a secure decentralized governance structure represented by ROCS units (or tokens) to fund, scale, and share in the profitability of E-Commerce Brands. We connect operators, industry experts, and investors through efficient and scalable […]


Lend your Principal. Give the Yield. Take the Pot Permission-less and Trust-less Non-custodial Decentralized Protocol of infinite crypto donation generator pools, integrated with the AAVE, COMPOUND and CREAM FINANCE lending protocols on EVM blockchain networks. A new way to Give, Fundraise & Crowdfund. Withdraw your Principal Anytime. Fundraise & Crowdfund with an Infinite Pool. You […]


Cabin is a decentralized city built by creators, for creators. Cabin believes in the power of bringing people together IRL, especially for decentralized and distributed teams. Cabin is the DAO to help other DAOs accelerate their work by getting together IRL. Cabin’s mission is to build a decentralized city with nodes all over the world, […]

Cult DAO

The purpose of Cult DAO is to empower and fund those building and contributing towards a decentralized future. We give funding to those who are ready to break the chains and have an idea that can change the world. To submit a proposal, enlist the help of a Guardian (or Guardians). Proposals should satisfy at […]

LearnWeb3 DAO

We founded LearnWeb3 with one goal in mind: to onboard as many developers into Web3 as possible. In the early 2000s, we saw an unprecedented boom in web2 that lead us to the internet we have today. In 2022, the same thing is happening again with Web3 and the metaverse. However, learning Web3 is not […]

Pokémon Trainers Club

The Pokémon Trainers Club is singularly focused on building a perfect set of 1st Edition, Base Set, Pokemon cards. Membership is by application and all members must contribute at least one PSA 10 card not yet in the set. To join, submit one PSA-graded Gem Mint 10, First Edition, Base Set, Pokémon Trading Card from […]

Kargain World

Kargain World is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to be a fully integrated ecosystem of private buyers and sellers, vehicle workshops and professional dealers. It is built on blockchain technology and controlled by its users collectively. Its governance mechanism is based on a digital token called $KARG that allows its holders to participate […]

Bankless DAO

Bankless DAO is a decentralized community to coordinate and propagate bankless media, culture, and education. Its goal is to drive adoption and awareness of truly bankless money systems like Ethereum, DeFi, and Bitcoin. type of DAO: Education, Community and Media