hello there

We are team Centinl. We made daodir because we were researching DAOs and didn’t find a good list anywhere. So we built this little corner of the web. 

Please share us on social media so that we can make daodir even better.

Email us: team@daodir.co

Our “world domination” plans:

  • Become the “Yahoo” of DAOs 🤣
  • Launching our own DAO to keep this site standing 🤩 (if you’re a dev, please get in touch
  • Automatically syncing data with governance voting platforms 💪
  • Better filtering and search 🔎
  • A “Request for DAOs” page/board 🧠
  • Multi-lingual 💬
  • A DAO-focused price tracker 🤑
  • Every directory entry becomes an NFT 😎
  • Teslas for every human (driving age) 🏎️
  • Taking everyone back home to Pluto 👨‍🚀
  • Japadogs. Lots of japadogs 🌭